“Part of my purpose is to remind us of the child we have in all of us.” That’s the origin of the use of color and humor in her work.
Berlin said attempts have been made to categorize her work as folk or naive. However, she rejects categories. “It’s just and immediate response to what I see. It’s not analytical, nor does it have any hidden meanings. I don’t value the accuracy of perspective,” Berlin said. I’m sometimes inspired by fabrics I’ve seen or a color combination in nature; then I’ll let the picture speak from there….I have no preconceived ideas of the finished work.”

Berlin graduated from Central High School in Memphis, Tennessee in 1970, and Rhodes College with a Bachelor Degree in Art in 1974. During her tenure at Rhodes, Berlin studied under the late Mary Sims, Lawrence Anthony and the late Peter Bowman, all noted Midsouth artists.

Berlin’s work is in the permanent collection of Rhodes College. Her work is also part of the corporate collection of Smith and Nephew, Inc., Plough Inc. and Baptist’s Women’s Hospital as well as numerous private collections. Berlin was also the commissioned artist for the 1991 Memphis in May poster honoring New Zealand.
Berlin’s philosophy of her work is simple…

“I don’t chase after contemporary trends in art, nor do I try to make a ‘significant statement’ in my work. I am content to engage the viewer in the pleasure of pure color and design.”